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Cost shown above are average for 2018 in the County of Riverside. Keep in mind, while some cost factors here are obvious, such as the size of a room or the need for removal and discarding of original material. The nature of each project carries levels of complexity that might not be immediately apparent. You'll also want to consider the possible cost of architect and engineer services, permits, and inspections. Then, budget at least some extra cushion for the unexpected. For example: Perhaps you have an older home, and when your contractors tear up your carpet, they discover structural problems with the foundation. Or maybe, the plumbers find old pipes that need to be replaced. A good rule of thumb is: Hope for the best but plan for, at least a bit, of the worst.


JLC Custom Home Improvement and Remodeling, Inc is a licensed, bonded and fully insured general contractor within the State of California.

Additionally, our financial security is maintained, and our consumer costs are kept as low as possible, by the following payment terms that can also be found embedded within our construction contracts: Payment required within 1 day of progress payment due date or project completion, whichever occurs first. Other possible charges include, but are not limited to the following, (1) Late charges at a rate of no less than 0.5% per week, compounded until payment is received to bring invoice balance to zero. (2) Finance charges at a rate of 13% of the unpaid amount per month compounded until payments are received to bring balance to zero. (3) Returned payment charges at a rate of no less than $50 for the first occurrence and no less than $75 per each subsequent occurrence. If payment form is denied or returned, charges in (1) and (2) may apply if payment replacement is not received promptly. (4) Collection Service fees. In the case that JLC Custom HIR Inc must engage collection services for payment on your account, the service fee(s) will post to the open account balance. Customary fees range from $750-$1500 to cover collection service, lien processing, and attorney's fees.  (5) After-hours communication charges at a rate of no less than the regular emergency call fee of $50. Charges will occur per telephone, email, and/or voicemail received, with immediate return communication required, on an after-hours basis. After hours are 5 pm to 8 am Monday through Friday and any hours on Saturday, Sunday and all national holidays. (6) Convenience fees charged by any credit service for payment.

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