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Do you know that as a consumer you have certain rights (and responsibilities) that you can’t waive, even if you signed a contract that says you are waiving rights?


The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is charged with regulating contractors and when contractors break the rules, enforcing them. Licensed contractors and unlicensed contractors are both under the jurisdiction of the CSLB.


When you are presented with a contract, there are certain required clauses and notices that must be spelled out.

Right To Cancel-
For consumers, the biggest one is the 3-day right to a withdrawal. This means that you have a cooling-off period of 72 hours (with some restrictions for emergency work) after signing the contract. So, if you ever felt that you had been pressured into signing a contract, you could cancel the contract, with proper notification.


Many contractors, usually unlicensed contractors, break the law on deposits on a regular basis. Contractors can only take a deposit of 10% OR $1,000.00, whichever is LESS. 
There are no exceptions even for special order materials.


Get the facts straight from CSLB with this free booklet you can download below.

A consumer guide to Home Improvement contracts

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